Wizards and Witches

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 Apr 23, 2017 - Games

 Client: Toresh Games

Wizards and witches is a multiplayer strategy card game for children and adults, ages 10 and older. The theme was wizards and witches having a battle, using spells and potions. The visual concept would be that each card would depict either a witch or wizard throwing a potion, casting a spell or both, which would define the cards action and use during real-time game play. The artistic direction was to create the appearance of fuller volume cartoons with a “soft-brush” style. This project required several duplicate concept cards which would only increase the number of assets on the card. For Instance, with the “magic mirrors” defense cards, the more mirrors on the card the more defensive power the player¬†could use. All artwork was originally created specifically for client Toresh Games. Wizards and witches was one of several in a series of continued projects to produce a full collection of strategy card games.

Project requirements:
300 – 600 DPI Full color RGB for screen viewing
300 – 600 DPI full Color CMYK for offset printing production
Playing card aspect ratio 57mm x 87mm with a 3MM BLEED AND 3MM SLUG
Box top aspect ratio 97 mm x 127mm with a 3mm bleed

bad granny

bad granny with spells

wood witch

wood witch with potions

dark witch

dark witch with potions and spells

caldron 3 wizard defense

long beard

long beard with potions


thumb with potion

green witch with magic mirror defense


frazzle with potions and spells